Newest Final Fantasy XV Video Focuses On What the Series Has Done For Gamers

What too many people don’t know nowadays are how video games provide an emotional bond, an escape, a relief, and/or a way to deal with things in their lives. Square Enix has released a video showcasing that very principle called New Legacies.

The video features a collection of gamers across different careers, and also a few people within the gaming industry, telling their story on what gaming means to them. Specifically how Final Fantasy has shaped their lives and made them the person they are today. This author can entirely relate. Final Fantasy XII and the series’ cousin, Kingdom Hearts, has made a huge difference in their life and he wouldn’t be where he is today without them.¬†You can check out the touching video above.

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Has Final Fantasy had such an impact on your life, or are you completely indifferent to towards the series? Give us a shout down in the comments.

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  1. Argh! So I actually interviewed Jo Garcia several years ago at a Playstation Vita launch party. It was an awesome interview she gave great very detailed answers and it never saw the light of day >< The site never really took off but with an exclusive like that it might have. Entirely my fault. Jo was great. Just seeing that video makes my conscience eat away at me again. She was doing me and our site a favor and I completely screwed it up. Life lesson I suppose.

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