Next-Gen PSVR Will Use a New Controller With DualSense Features, 2021 Release Date Denied

The cat has been sprung from out of the bag, and Sony has now officially announced that it will be bringing a next-gen PSVR headset to PS5 players, and the first details are starting to come out.

A little earlier today we told you about Sony’s upcoming PSVR headset for the PS5. The details were scant and we only had a few snippets from Jim Ryan’s recent GQ interview to go on.

Well, that hasn’t changed much, but the PlayStation Blog has a new post with an official statement on the next-gen PSVR headset that Sony is currently working on. The details remain the same, but the post does offer a sliver of new information about the controllers that the PSVR 2 (if that’s even what it is called) will use whenever it eventually releases.

On the blog post, it is said that one of the innovations that Sony is particularly excited about is the new VR controller. As any PSVR player will tell you, the PS Move wands are barely good enough, so it’s good to see that Sony is investing in proper tech, rather than repurposing old light-based tracking wands.

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The new PSVR controller will feature “some of the key features” found in the PS5‘s DualSense controller. The post doesn’t go into minute detail, but it’s easy to speculate that the pad will feature sticks (if it doesn’t, we riot) and haptic feedback. There’s also a “focus on great ergonomics” which points towards a more comfortable solution than that hacked together PS Move/PS4 camera option.

Sony is being quite bullish with its claims that the technology it is developing is future-proof. The proof will be in the future, but not the near one. PSVR 2 will not release in 2021, as mentioned in the official messaging.

It’s a good news day for PSVR fans, but it’s bittersweet. We know that there’s something better on the horizon, but we just can’t peek past that far off mark. Sony will be revealing more details this year, so keep an eye out on Pure PlayStation for all the latest PSVR news.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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