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Next Rocket League Crate Series Will Be Chosen by Players

Probably one of the best microtransactions in gaming is Rocket League’s crate system. It’s entirely optional, features only cosmetic items, and a part of the proceeds go towards prize pools for Rocket League competitive events. At the moment the crate series is currently at its fourth iteration with each one having a set number of different items to obtain. Well as it turns out, Psyonix wants to give players the choice of content for the next crate. Head on over to their official site and vote on what you’d like to see. Some of the customizations are fan favorites while others are completely brand new.

We’ve submitted our votes and we’ll tell you ours if you tell us yours in the comments section below. Rocket League and its creator, Psyonix, continue to do right by the community ever since the title released as a PlayStation Plus game last year. Numerous maps, game modes, and new items have made their way into many a gamer’s virtual hands and we can’t wait to see what comes next.


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