NieR Automata Cheat Code Skips to the True Ending Right After the First Boss

In what must be the biggest time-saving Easter Egg ever found in a video game, a cheat code has been discovered embedded within the backend of NieR Automata that sees the user skipping the entire game – literally jumping from the first boss to final ending. It was found by Lance McDonald, a notorious name within the industry for finding these gems, and will be accompanied by a video soon. But why is it there and how has it taken this long to be detected?

Well, theories are that it is a device used by quality testers or the game’s developers to check certain features. Don’t ask me for anything more technical than that, because that’s all I’ve got. But surely such bookmarks would be removed by launch? Otherwise there’d be a bunch of these “time travelling portals” within the code of most games – yet we don’t see that. And the reason it’s been hidden this long is probably because it’s buried amongst lines of noughts and ones that the majority of us will never see, nor possess enough patience to scour.

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Still, this news should come as some relief to players who are looking for a way to access its true ending without having to repeatedly beat the game (darn you Japanese games and your hidden endings!). However, it should be noted that this cheat is probably locked away from us non-hacktivist folk – therefore, I’m sorry to say, that relief was short-lived…

But NieR Automata is a fantastic game, either way, which means it will reward any player who is willing to give it their time. So, do give it a chance if you’re thinking about it because I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Otherwise, check out McDonald’s video when it goes live.

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