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NieR Replicant Will Launch April 2021 But May Be Swerving the PS5

NieR Replicant will be launching on the PlayStation 4 in April 2021. But today’s announcement made no mention of the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. That means, despite having an endless number of hours spent on its facelift, the benefits may be stuck in this generation. A confusing turn of events, which may yet be rectified.

After all, there are many games that are keeping quiet when it comes to their PlayStation 5 release, leaving us all a bit in the dark. But I don’t know why you’d limit yourself – unless it makes more sense just to offer an upgrade between there two rather than a standalone release; I guess this could be seen as a little niche and as such a risky investment.

NieR Replicant is a remaster of its PlayStation 3 namesake. And will launch in both Japan and the West with just one day’s difference (20th April for the former and the 21st for the latter) – something we don’t always see. This also means the West can enjoy a native release for the first time ever after the initial game was region limited to Japan; a part of the world that is very lucky when it comes to gaming and to which I long to browse the shelves of.

This news reminded many gamers of its release after it had, justifiably, slipped their mind. And others are vocal in their excitement for playing it for the first time. However, after the success of NieR Automata, it will be interesting to see whether this also captures our hearts as strongly. Automata will have, at least, grown its audience base to a more substantial size – ensuring many more players will have the courage to give it a go. But as this takes a step backwards, so to speak, in the series, its nuances could sway the vote either way. Because we were most definitely spoiled by NieR Automata and sometimes the grass isn’t always greener when it comes to revisiting the past!

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