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Night is a Dangerous Time in AWAY: The Survival Series

AWAY: The Survival Series released the first nocturnal gameplay trailer today. The game’s nature documentary inspirations are on display here, and it’s looking even better than the last time we saw it. As the day/night cycle turns toward darkness, our little sugar glider character is looking for food. Unfortunately, so are a bunch of predators. By using the instinct vision, predators are highlighted in red. There will be a recharge between uses, so you will have to use it carefully.

Since they are so small, stealth is the usual course of action for a sugar glider. According to NationalGeographic.com, they are 6.3″ – 8.3″ (16cm – 21.08cm) long. (That’s a stealthy use of educational content too.) They can climb trees and sneak in the game, and this is how you avoid a hungry-looking fox in the trailer.

Not all conflict can be avoided. After gliding to the ground, you are swarmed by a bunch of spiders like something out of a horror movie. The sugar glider retreats to the safety of the trees for a tactical advantage and knocks the spiders off the branch. When you are this small, life looks pretty tough, and threats are around every corner. It’s cool to see thinking on your feet (or paws) is rewarded.

AWAY: The Survival Series isn’t confirmed for a PlayStation platform just yet, but a comment on the YouTube trailer indicates they are in talks with PlayStation for a “next-gen release later next year.” “Nothing is confirmed yet”, but I’m betting I’ll be gliding, avoiding predators, and searching for food as a little sugar glider on my PS5 eventually.

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