Nightmare Boy is Coming to the PS4 in October

Nightmare Boy is coming to the PlayStation 4, along with the Xbox One and PC, October 25th. What the hell is Nightmare Boy, you ask? Well, it’s the first project from developer Vanir Project, the pride of Madrid, SP. The game is an action-adventure platformer, with retro arcade visuals and a “Metroidvania” playstyle.

You’ll play as Billy, who has mysteriously turned into something called Rolok, in the worst nightmare ever. You’ll fight to wake up from a world made up of your worst fears. Sounds fun. You’ll fight a myriad of enemies as you search for your original appearance and the other ten kids lost in their nightmares. Rescuing each kid will give you a unique power and will help you unveil different endings for the game.

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The folks at the Vanir Project promise that along with the pixel art and the dark cartoon visuals, Nightmare Boy will offer “complex ‘Metroidvania’ game mechanics, big environments full of secrets, enemies and final bosses, and a dark story hiding under the surface.” Download your copy on Oct, 25th, from the PlayStation Store.

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