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Nioh 2 Gets a Launch Date Just in Time For the Open Beta

It’s National Nioh 2 Day, or at least it feels like it. What with the reminder of an open beta and announcement of a release date. Not that we’re complaining. In fact, we’re rejoicing because they’re both happening in the next few months and my swooshy armour has just returned from the dry cleaners.

But enough about my snazzy fashion sense. What’s new with Nioh 2?

For starters, the Open Beta, which will offer you your first glimpse of the Dark Realm from November 1st to November 10th. It will be a full stage from the title, whose completion will gift you a helmet for use in the main game. And an old save of Nioh 1 will allow you to play as William himself.

You’ll also have a chance to test out the weapons in a specially designed practice zone, whilst the character creation screen will also be in use for newcomers, or new consoles, to the series.

Meanwhile, the 2020 launch window for Nioh 2 has been narrowed down to a specific day. And that day is March 13th. That’s almost identical to that of the Final Fantasy VII remaster, which may hamper its initial sales. But the first managed to gather quite the fanbase, so I expect them to reassemble in force.

Finally, the first game is coming to PS Plus this November – offering you just enough time to get used to the souls-like slaughter fest. Now, this was a late announcement by Sony – most likely to piggyback on today’s release date. But one we’ll take at any hour.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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