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Nioh 2 Is A Prequel With A Punch

Nioh 2

A few lucky video game scribes are starting to gain access to Nioh 2. And from their limited time with the title, it sounds like it’s as good as the first – if not better. But don’t be expecting the same old, same old from Team Ninja because Nioh 2 has a few surprises up its sleeve.

If samurais have sleeves, that is…

So, what’s new? Well, the second game in the series is actually a prequel. And as a result, William is nowhere to be seen. Your playable character, however, will be very customisable thanks to a generous “editor”, so there’s no reason why you yourself can’t be swinging the sword. The difficulty is still high, though it has been tweaked so that every inevitable death feels fair. And a whole bunch of new weapons has been added to the roster.

There will be a few returning mechanics – namely the ki meter and stances. But they’ll be accompanied this time around by a Yokai Force Gauge, which allows you to summon your Guardian Angel when you’re in need. Something that the previewers have praised as complimenting the system of old well.

Finally, the enemies you will encounter have had their threats designed to keep you on your toes. So no longer will you identify a tactic for a certain foe and find yourself simply rinsing it throughout the area to make progress. This time around they’ll be coming at you from all directions with varying degrees of speed/weakness, and it will be up to you survive long enough to clear the lot of them. That’s because the word dense is being thrown around, and that’s never a good thing when it’s referring to bringers of death…

All in all, Nioh 2 is sounding like a strong follow up to the first. And I for one can’t wait to be schooled once again.

Source: Eurogamer

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