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Nioh 2 Open Beta Planned For November, No Easy Option

With all of the big names planned for 2020, Nioh 2 has somewhat slipped under the radar and been ignored. But just as we were all forgetting about this samurai sequel, bar the launch date reveal earlier this week, Team Ninja are giving us a nudge with the announcement of an Open Beta.

So pencil it on to your calendar: the first week of November is set to test your mettle.

Once again, Twitter was the bearer of such news with the official PlayStation account telling us just when and where to look for such punishment. The Tweet read:

Yokai hunters, ready to face the Dark Realm? Play the Nioh 2 Open Beta starting November 1 to 10, available at PS Store.

But earlier this week, the gaming community was informed of more troubling news.

There is no denying that Nioh 2 and its predecessor are influenced greatly by the Dark Souls – Bloodborne family of games, known to players everywhere for their immense difficulty, lack of handholding and unashamed cruelness. But this winning formula is set to take an even greater centre stage this time around as the team confirm there will be no ‘easy’ option. And although there will be a co-op mode, the more of you who tackle the evil, the harder it will get.

Which is like giving with one hand and taking with the other.

Anyway, the punishment runs from November 1st to November 10th so if you ever need a reason to jump ship and play Hello Kitty Kruisers, now’s your chance. Otherwise, if you live to tell the tale, make sure you let us know how it went. Gore and all.

Source: Games Radar 

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