Nioh 2 Swishes On To Consoles In Early 2020 Like All The Other Must Plays

Our very own Kyle is going to have a bigger dilemma on his hands come 2020 as it has today been announced that Nioh 2 will be launching in the first few months of the New Year. Further extending the already bloated launch calendar and hurting our purse strings even more.

Where will we find the time?

All of this comes via a new trailer, which itself followed a leaked photo of the team’s TGS 2019 exhibition stall. Whether the latter prompted the former will never be known, though the show is likely to have been the trailer’s debut destination anyway. Otherwise, what would you have to build up the hype? Sake and words? That will never catch on…

The image emerged on Reddit. That hearty vault of timely, and not so timely, information of questionable legitamisy (just like a Vegas wedding but without Elvis acting as a gooseberry). And it clearly shows an epic display stand, accompanied by the words “Nioh 2 – Early 2020”. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, made the news all rather definite even before a trailer dropped.

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But just in case you had any doubt, you can find the cinematographic proof above. Although, that still doesn’t help us with the colossal amount of games that are going to be begging for our attention in the same short stretch of time, such as Watch Dogs Legion, God’s & Monsters and Cyberpunk 2077 – to name but a few.

Have you got your samur-eye on Nioh 2 as a must-buy? Or will it be toying with your emotions, just like the rest of them, in an attempt to be played first?

Nioh 2 stand

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