Nioh Gets New 4K Trailer Featuring Kunoichi Okatsu

You might have heard of a certain samurai RPG from Team Ninja known as Nioh. You certainly know, if you’ve been following our coverage, that the game’s February 7th release date is fast approaching. Hopes are high among some of our staff for the latest game from the team that brought us Ninja Gaiden and today publisher Koei Tecmo have unveiled a new trailer, viewable in glorious 4K, showcasing a recently announced female character, Okatsu. You can check out the trailer above.

 The trailer might show a new non-player character for Nioh but the female ninja Okatsu may be familiar to some. The character, a ninja said to have worked under Hattori Hanzo in the Sengoku period, has been seen in previous historical Koei Tecmo titles – as far back as Kessen on the PS2 (which, coincidentally enough, was the precursor to Nobunaga’s Ambition – the latest installment of which we recently reviewed.) The character was originally revealed, along with a host of other historical npc’s, in a translated interview from 4Gamer earlier last year. The trailer is giving little away and seems mainly focused on showing how good the game looks in 4K, as well as perhaps leveraging the looks of the beautiful ‘Kunoichi’ (Lady Ninja) Okatsu in the bargain.

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We’re getting close to Nioh’s release; the game hits North American shelves on February 7th, Europe on February 8th, and finally Japan on February 9th. This release date cycle clearly symbolising protagonist William Adam’s journey to the land of the rising sun. (We might have made that last bit up.) If you’ve somehow missed this game until now, our early impressions have been positive. Team Ninja have brought their expertise in crafting challenging combat mechanics into a slower, more methodical RPG in a style reminiscent of Dark Souls. The feudal Japanese setting and use of ‘Yokai’ – Demons from Japanese folklore – give the game a unique style and some of the environments showcased in the recent demo were absolutely gorgeous. Needless to say we’re excited for this one, but the proof will be in the upcoming pudding. Mmm pudding.

If you’re looking forward to Nioh, love lady ninjas, or just fancy saying hi, let us know in the comments below. Nioh is releasing on the 7th, 8th, or 9th of February, depending on where you live – exclusive to PS4, and can be pre-ordered from any fine retail establishment as we speak.



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