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Nioh Pre-Orders On PS Store Are Live

Team Ninja’s, Dark Souls inspired RPG has already had a few betas that allowed gamers to literally look death in the face. So much so we here at Pure PlayStation are sure you’ll be credited with a death in the title, when it releases on February 7th, just because you pre-ordered. We can’t confirm that but if you’re willing to risk it read on for pre-order details from the PlayStation Store.

There will be two editions of the game: standard and digital deluxe. The former will just net you the full game as you’d expect. The latter will contain the game, a weapon pack with five new weapons, a PS4 avatar, and the season pass. If you pre-order either version you’ll receive a set of armor that’s inspired by ancient statues that guard the temples of Japan. Along for the ride will be a Nioh dynamic theme. Additionally, pre-order the digital deluxe edition and you’ll receive another set of armor based on the legendary samurai Yukimura Sanada.

You can view pictures of the pre-order bonuses below. Definitely let us know if you’ve gained early access to Nioh in some fashion. Or more to the point how many times you died.



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