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Nioh To Add PvP Mode With Post-Launch Patch

The launch of Team Ninja’s Samurai slash em up Nioh is inching ever closer. Publisher Koei Tecmo recently announced the game had finished development and was ready for production and now more good news for eager fans has come out of an interview with the game’s director, Yosuke Hayashi. Speaking to Gamereactor Espana, Hayashi revealed that a dedicated PvP mode will be added to the game in a free, post-launch, patch. He also just happened to slip in to the conversation that there’s a season pass available for pre-order now…

Recent trailers, demos, and a steady stream of information on Nioh has kept our excitement high here at Pure PlayStation for its Febraury 7/8th release. The announcement of a dedicated PvP mode only heightens that feeling. The game already looks to scratch some of that Dark Souls itch with its methodical melee combat and many fans are hoping that the multiplayer meta game can generate the kind of lasting community that From Software’s series so effectively captured. The interview with Hayashi was a short one and much of the information has already been covered in the run up to the game’s release, briefly mentioned was the game’s season pass which will add three DLC story episodes to the game. Information on the PlayStation store tells us that the season pass will add another famous battle from the Sengoku period, the siege of Osaka, to the game’s part-historical settings, among other things.

Banish the Yokai in your life before Nioh releases on February 7th in North America and February 8th in Europe, exclusive to PS4. Wannabe western samurai like us can join us back here for our thoughts once we’ve had a chance to get our hands bloody. Nioh and its related season pass are available to pre-order now from retailers like this one or direct from the PlayStation store.


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