No Man’s Sky Beyond Crashes Are Fixed In New Update

The latest update for No Man’s Sky – Beyond – enjoyed a lot of hype when it launched recently. But the game changing patch had one feature that no one wanted: a crash inducing bug! Luckily, Hello Games has already developed a fix, which is ready to download now. So, what are you waiting for cosmonaut?

The issue arose for a number of players who were playing from an old save, i.e. one that was created before Beyond dropped. This potentially means that the many others playing from a new game wouldn’t suffer from the same crash. But the small update that has now been released means everyone should be saved from such heartache. At least, that’s the plan.

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And from initial opinions online, it seems to have worked.

The patch takes No Man’s Sky to version 2.04, though we expect considering the gigantic changes Beyond made, further updates will we announced soon. You know, whilst they smooth things out. But at least we can all go looking for ET in the meantime, free from the threat of corrupted data.

Did you experience these crashing issues? Are you now fixed? Forget shooting for the stars, our comments box is much nearer. 

Source: Twitter hype!

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