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No Man’s Sky Beyond Expansion Coming This Summer

In a PlayStation Blog post, Sean Murray outlined the blueprint for future No Man’s Sky updates. If you thought they were done, think again. Consisting of three major content updates in one package, they are calling the update Beyond.

They are tight-lipped on details, so we only have one of the major components announced. No Man’s Sky Online will let you play with your friends in multiplayer. Murray was quick to say it wasn’t an MMO, because it will not have a subscription or microtransactions and will be free to anyone who owns the game. There are more aspects about No Man’s Sky Online that he cannot discuss yet, but that looks like a good start for a major update to a game that’s almost three years old.

Murray also thanked the community for all the support. The team is encouraged that players are responding favorably to the new content in previous updates, such as NEXT, and they can expect more as the team continues it’s journey with No Man’s Sky.

If you are waiting to jump back into the game, the Beyond update will be released this summer.

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