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No Man’s Sky Beyond Has Been Rated for Release in Australia

No Man’s Sky Beyond, the next big update for Hello Games’ open-universe survival game has been rated for release in Australia, possibly indicating that the game is close to being ready to release to us patiently waiting players.

For those who are unaware, No Man’s Sky Beyond is a big deal, especially for PSVR owners. Why? Because it will finally add PSVR support to the game, letting us virtual reality-lovers live out our space adventure fantasies for almost real. Almost real is better than real, as there’s no chance of actually dying. Mostly.

The rating could mean that the game is set to release next week, or it could release next month. There’s really no proper consistency when it comes to rating and releases.

Hello Games had previously stated that No Man’s Sky Beyond will release this summer, so it could be anytime between now and the end of August, start of September.

If you already own No Man’s Sky on PS4, the Beyond update will be a free download that’ll update your game. For those who don’t own it, grab it now while it’s still available for a low price. Once the update hits, the price is bound to jump up.

Source: Australian Classification Board

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