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No Man’s Sky Developer Considering VR Support

One of the first things I thought when I got my PSVR headset two years ago was “damn, No Man’s Sky would be the dog’s bollocks in this thing!”. There were even scant rumours that Hello Games was preparing to ship out a PSVR update, but they never materialised.

It could still be happening, though, as Hello Games seems to be weighing up demand for VR support. A recent survey released by the developer asks players what features they would like to see the most, with VR support being among the list.

This doesn’t mean that No Man’s Sky will suddenly get PSVR support next week, mind you, as this is the developer seeing if there’s at least a bit of player demand for the feature. It’s also possible that Hello Games may opt to skip out on PSVR support and just go for PCVR instead, given that the game would have to be tweaked to run smoothly on Sony’s under powered PS4/PSVR combo. Or it could end up releasing on every VR platform under the sun. I don’t know, all I’m saying is don’t get your hopes up for something that may or may not come to be.

Yet here I sit, about to tweet Seany Lad and beg him for PSVR support…

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