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No Man’s Sky Gets a New PS4 Release Date, Coming This August

A few days ago we told you that it looked like Hello Games’ highly anticipated galaxy roaming No Man’s Sky would be delayed. Today we can tell you that it has indeed been delayed, though not by a massive amount.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Hello Games’ Sean Murray explained that the game is almost complete but there are still a few things that need to be polished to get the game to the standard that the studio has set for itself. As a result, the game will now release on August 9th in North America, August 10th in Europe, and August 12th in the UK. It’s a bummer, sure, but it’s only a few weeks of extra waiting. Oh who are we kidding – we’re crying into our teacups here.

Annoyed by the delay? Going to start picketing Hello Games’ offices, or are you not that bothered by a small delay? Explore the comments section below.

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