No Man’s Sky NEXT Update Has Launched

The hotly anticipated NEXT update for No Man’s Sky is now ready to download. It will finally allow proper cooperative exploration and third person perspective.

Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, Sean Murray told followers that they have “been working our socks off.” And if the patch notes are to be believed, it seems like the guy’s being quite modest.

Talking of the patch notes, uploading those on to the official site sounded like an adventure in itself as public demand kept causing the site to crash. However, that has finally been remedied to provide us with the following:

Team up with a small group of friends and explore the universe together, or be joined by random travellers.

Help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive.

Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies.

Group up to build communal basesfarms, and racetracks, and share your creations with all players online.

Explore the galaxy at your own pace, or progress together from the very start of the game and all the way through the story.

Invite your friends aboard your Freighter and take on challenging multiplayer missions from the Galactic Commission Station on your bridge.

Assemble and upgrade a fleet of frigates, each specialised to excel in combat, exploration, trade, industry, or support.

Dramatically improved visuals bring more life than ever to planetary landscapes.

Experience a greater sense of planetary scale with massively improved draw distance.

Deep improvements to planetary terrain generation create more varied alien environments, featuring higher mountains and more navigable cave systems.

Amazingly, that isn’t everything; the remaining additions can be found over on the website with accompanying images. Warning: it’s quite lengthy.

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The biggest change comes in the form of a full multiplayer experience, which has been undoubtedly missing from the game so far. After all, the vastness of space is a little less vast when you have a fellow cosmonaut to enjoy it with. But we’re equally as excited by the prospect of larger bases and using “expressive gestures” to get our message across to fellow pilots. Probably resulting in the first zero g fisticuffs…

The update comes just as the game approaches its second birthday, and to say it has been a journey is perhaps an understatement. But perhaps now the game will finally feel like the complete package; what we all hoped it would be 24 odd months ago.

Are you excited to put NEXT through its paces? Brave the inhospitable comments box below and let us know.

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