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No Man’s Sky on PS4 Gets Big Update With Version 1.09, 733MB Download

No Man’s Sky has a new update today on PS4, version 1.09.

Unfortunately we don’t really know what the update does exactly (other than add 733MB to the game’s size) as the patch notes attached to the download are rather meager by only saying “more bug fixes.”

The download will run you around 733MB, so it’s a fairly big download. Here’s hoping Hello Games has added some little surprises. We’ll find out soon enough; Hello Games usually posts the patch notes not too long after releasing updates.

When more informat ion is available, we’ll let you know, so stick with Pure PlayStation.

Update: Thanks to the giant nerds over on Reddit (we’ve yet try out the new patch yet,) we’ve learned that there are a few changes. Most notably – and this is going to puss a few people off – the removal of stacking items.

There’s also new music. Silver linings and all that…

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