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No Man’s Sky: Origins Update Changes the Entire Universe; Available Today

The redemption saga of No Man’s Sky takes another step forward today. The “Origins” update is one of the largest in the game’s four-year history, and the team at Hello Games have put a lot of work into making it special. The short version is that the update will add new planets, new life, new larger buildings, and this is just part of the experience.

When looking at the new planets, the team has increased the scale and upped the weather. The announcement on the PlayStation Blog talks about flying through giant chasms and over tall mountains with increased size to both. The weather effects will now include dangerous electrical storms, fires, and other hazards. The new life will include plants that change with the transition from day to night. Finally, the trailer shows a sandworm that looks like it was pulled out of Dune.

There have been more than a dozen updates to No Man’s Sky with new functionality such as PSVR, new ships, new missions, and cross-play. The game is radically different in its powered up form, and, with discounts all the time, it’s well worth the price of entry, as long as you can download all the updates. It is probably the biggest turnaround in modern gaming, and we can look forward to more updates in the future.

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