No Man’s Sky Rated PG for PS4, So Don’t Expect Gory Space Battles

It’s not long now until No Man’s Sky elegantly swoops onto PS4 – August 9th in North America, and August 10th in the UK/EU – so we’re at fever point with all the waiting we’ve been doing.

We’ve seen the gameplay videos, we’ve seen Sean Murray chat to just about everyone and their mum about the game, and we’ve even seen the box art. What we haven’t seen is the little age rating number that’ll sit alongside the box art – the most important part of the box, obviously…

The game hasn’t been rated for the UK, Europe, or North America yet, though it has been rated in Australia. The good news is that the game is a PG, meaning that kids will be able to go on this colourful space adventure. The rating notes that there’s mild violence and themes but no nudity, naughty language (does anyone actually talk in No Man’s Sky?) or any horrific violence, though there is some combat in the form of spacey guns and what not.

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A PG rating in Australia usually translates to an ‘E’ or a ‘T’ in North America and, depending on the content, a ‘7’ or a ’12’ rating in the UK/Europe. If the hype is too much for you and you need more No Man’s Sky in your life, check out our extended feature on the game.

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