No Man’s Sky will be Completely Playable in VR This Summer

No Man’s Sky will be Completely Playable in VR This Summer

Not long ago, Hello Games was talking about the three pillars of its massive Beyond update coming to No Man’s Sky this summer. They already revealed you will be able to play online. During the State of Play today, they announced that you will be able to play the entire game and all released content in PSVR. To further push the “Oh, no they didn’t” envelope, it will be free to anyone who owns the game. Sean Murray mentioned that it may make it the most owned PSVR game when it launches.

It won’t be a separate experience. It’s the whole game. In VR. You will be able to play with others in their magical PSVR helmets and people who play without them. Everyone will be in the same universe, and I didn’t expect for them to beat Elite Dangerous to the punch on this one.

There is a third feature of the Beyond update that Hello Games is keeping under wraps for now. With a true online mode and PSVR added to the game, that third mode is going to have a tough time standing out unless it’s something really special. I hope it is, and I hope Hello Games continues to make No Man’s Sky more impressive and adding more value over time.

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