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No Man’s Sky’s Servers Will Be Wiped Before Release

Wow, talk about taking a hard-line, eh? No Man’s Sky releases in just a few short days, yet some people (us included! Yes, we’re smug) have managed to get early copies of the game ahead of the official release date. One dude even paid $1250 for a copy…

Sony and the game’s developer, Hello Games, aren’t too pleased that some players have been able to play the game early, and as a result a lot of time has been spent getting gameplay videos off of YouTube, Twitch, and where ever else the videos have been posted. That’s understandable, we suppose, though wiping the history of the game is another matter.

One of Hello Games’ developers stated on Twitter that the studio would be resetting the universe on Sunday before the day-one update rolls out. Apparently this will take away any named planets and what not, but will also eradicate players’ save games; so any progress you’ve made on your character and your journey will still be lost. Ouch.

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