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No Microtransactions in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Wrong Box Ticked in Store

A few eagle eyed internet dwellers found that the PlayStation Store page for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice contained the dreaded description, “In-game purchases optional”. This inevitably caused a stir amongst fans, who feared a return of those dastardly microtransactions. But apparently it is nothing more than a slip of the tongue, or should that be mis-click of the mouse.

Wanting to address the issue as soon as possible, PR firm Step 3 would like to reassure fans that there will be nothing of the sort plaguing the AAA title. In fact, in a conversation with COG Connected, their exact words were:

“There are no plans for microtransactions in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”.

They then went on to explain that the “In-game purchases optional” statement was caused by a tick being inputted in the wrong box, and that the error will be rectified.

In the end it’s fair to point out that the integrity of FromSoftware wasn’t really in question, just that of Activision who, as a publisher, are more concerned by the bottom line. But, alas, all is good in the world. Let us just hope that all other upcoming AAA games are as equally kind on our purse strings.

Sekiro: Shadows Die twice will slash its way on to consoles March 22nd 2019. Are you robed and ready?

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