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No Straight Roads Drifts to 2020 But Will Rock a Physical Edition

E3 is a good time to see new games, but it’s also a time for developers to make announcements about existing titles too. I somehow missed No Straight Roads announcement earlier this year, and, if you watch the trailer, you’ll see why that’s a shame. This game has more colors than a psychedelically enhanced dream. The visuals are very loud and vivid with a distinct art style.

The game’s story is also loud. It pits the forces of rock, led by young musicians named Mayday and Zuke, against the forces of the NSR. They have taken over the town of Vinyl City and have been pushing EDM. The shadowy villain Tatiana is the big boss of the NSR, and she has plenty of minions that you can see in the trailer. Obviously, this one is going for sweet and goofy, which I appreciate along with the style.

No Straight Roads has an interesting pedigree. The game is from the lead designer of Final Fantasy XV, Wan Hazmer, and Metronomik studio head and Street Fighter V concept artist Daim Dziauddin. The small studio has partnered with Sold Out (also partnered with Overcooked 2 and DayZ) to provide a physical edition when the game launches next year. They loved what Metronomik was doing and jumped in to help.

No Straight Roads is releasing in 2020. The physical edition will run you £29.99/€39.99/$39.99, and it will also be available digitally for pre-order closer to release.

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Metronomik Press Release

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