No Straight Roads Drops New Gameplay Trailer; Releasing August 28th

I didn’t manage to catch this one yesterday, but there is a new gameplay trailer for the No Straight Roads. As part of Bitsummit Gaiden’s “virtual show floor”, the trailer is in Japanese, but the gameplay is still all about returning rock ‘n’ roll to Vinyl City and freeing music for everyone. That’s a concept that translates well anywhere in the world.

The trailer shows off the neon-infused world. It’s very stylish with musical influences. There are multiple environments shown as Mayday and Zuke confront enemies. There is also at least one huge boss fight on a giant turntable. Beyond that boss, they show a few of the evil and colorful characters from the game. Everything looks playful like a cartoon.

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If you want to give it a go, you can try a demo from the Epic Games Store. To the PlayStation console war warriors, there is no PS4 demo, so you will not bring shame to yourself by going to the PC. Don’t worry, and you can try No Straight Roads before its August 28th release.

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