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No Straight Roads #StayHomeAndRap Promotion Gets Your Song in the Game

No Straight Roads dropped a new trailer today. It’s filled with plenty of gameplay, some story, and a look at the art and environments. It’s posted at the top, and you should skip it for now. It’s good, but that’s not the most interesting thing about the game today. A new contest throws down the gauntlet to every aspiring rapper who would like to have a chance to be heard. If that’s you, here is how to make that happen.

The #StayHomeAndRap contest takes a track from the game created by Music Director Falk Au Yeong. It’s remixed by French rapper Teddy Corona (Street Lourd, Mafia K’1 Fry) who worked with Karim Mimoun (H9) to remix the track. (The YouTube video of the track is at the bottom.) You can download that track at the game’s official site. Then you just need to sing and rap over the track and post it to social media with #StayHomeAndRap. Finally, you’ll complete the form on the site to link it to your post.

The prizes are pretty good. They are giving away copies of the game to the runners up, but they save the best for the person who delivers the best. The top winner receives a PS4 Pro, a collector’s edition of the game, a t-shirt, and the joy of having their track in the game for all to hear. The trailer info says your talent will be “emblazoned across the globe on the billboards of Vinyl City!’ That’s a pretty sweet recognition, and I would imagine this would make a nice addition to any musician’s resume.

It’s an incredible opportunity, but you only have from today until June 14th to submit your entry. The full rules are available here, and you should give them a look if you don’t want to be disqualified for something like not using the hashtag or adding nudity. If the required form isn’t there, check the bottom of the main page here to complete it. You will need a PSN account, an email address, and you’ll need to post a link to the social account where you posted the song.

We’ll hear your track when No Straight Roads launches on June 30th. It’s the story of Mayday and Zuke as they use the power of rock to keep Vinyl City from being overtaken by the forces of EDM. A noble quest indeed. The trailer (that one I told you about but mostly ignored earlier) shows a colorful world to explore with musical enemies to fight and a cool art style. If you’re not too busy crafting your rhymes, give it a watch.

Good luck to anyone who participates. We can’t wait to hear your track.

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