No Surprises Here: 7 Days to Die Has Been Rated for Violence, Horror, Language and Nudity

What’s the worst thing that you could come across during a zombie apocalypse: a potty mouthed zombie who has a no qualms being bum naked. Surely that’s not something we’ll see in 7 Days to Die, but the game has been rated for some adult content.

The Australian ratings board has recently rated the Telltale-published edition of Iron Galaxy’s 7 Days to Die for PS4 and Xbox One, and in doing so it has revealed what we all expected. 7 Days to Die will have violence, strong themes (horror), language and a wee bit of nudity. We’re guessing the nudity is the player’s choice…

Telltale announced last week that it was moving into publishing third-party games with 7 Days to Die, a game which actually started out life on the PC via Steam.

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7 Days to Die is due to release this June 24th, and as always, we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest developments as well as a review once it releases.

Looking forward to this survival-horror-meets-Minecraft, or have you had it up to the ears with unstructured games? Shuffle down to the comments section below.

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