No, You Still Can’t Use Your PS4 Fortnite Epic Account on Nintendo Switch (Or Anywhere Else)

As an editor, I know how important it is that what we write is accurate, lest we be lynched for peddling fake news. You’d think, then, that IGN – a multi-national corporate entity – would be able to get this right, too. Well, no. Apparently not.

The most-visited gaming site (we’re #2, promise…) in the world published an article today stating that PS4 players would now be able to use their Fortnite Epic accounts on Nintendo Switch – a feature plenty of PS4/Switch owners have been waiting for.

This was wrong, folks. You’re not able to use your Epic account on Nintendo Switch if it’s associated with your PSN account. This was an amateur error from a professional website. But hey, maybe it’ll happen one day. Probably not, though, so don’t get your hopes up.

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