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Norman Reedus Remains “In Talks” With Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding

Norman Reedus has undertaken an interview. And during the chat, the actor and Death Stranding star let it slip that he and Hideo Kojima remain “in talks”. Understandably, this instantly sparked speculation that the pair will work together again in the future. And may even have a project underway at the moment. But are we just reading too much into what could be a simple expression of friendship?

After all, a lot of media stars remain in contact with developers/producers/publishers, but that’s not to say it will materialise into anything more than just a trip down to the pub…

Given the importance of Death Stranding in the career of Kojima, the casting of the leading part was always going to be special. So, it’s little surprise to hear that the two got on so well and remain in touch – post production and launch. But relationships can be forced, or even go sour, in this industry, which shows there exists a mutual appreciation of one another’s talents, at least.

Where that will lead, though is anyone’s guess.

However, that’s also assuming Kojima remains inspired enough to create another video game – what’s to say his next big production won’t exist in a different market? That’s because Reedus is an actor, best known for his The Walking Dead character Daryl, so could easily tempt the infamous producer over to the big screen.

Hey, how about Death Stranding The Movie?

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