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North American PSN Flash Sale is Live to Celebrate The Game Awards

Ready for your wallet to take another kick-in? Good, because Sony has just pushed through a new PSN Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Network.

The latest sale (there’s been like, what, four in the last month?) is all about the biggest and best games of this year. There’s Street Fighter V, The Witcher 3, Battlefield 1, and many more. Actually, this is a little bit of a repeat from the Black Friday sale as many of the games on offer today were reduced to similar prices during the Black Friday weekend sale. You can find the PlayStation Store webpage with all the deals through here.

So what’s this sale for, then? The Game Awards, of course. To celebrate this year’s The Game Awards we’re getting a nice little sale. We won’t complain. Bargains are bargains, and we’ll take them any day of the week.

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