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Northgard Brings Viking Management to PS4 October 3rd

Fans of RTS games (real-time strategy) rejoice, for we’re getting yet another on PS4! After years of moaning that there aren’t enough Age of Empires of Command & Conquer-style games for console, we’re getting more than we deserve. The latest is Shiro Games’ viking-themed Northgard, and its coming to PS4 next week on October 3rd. The developer has released a new trailer to celebrate the game’s console release, but at the moment it’s only for the Nintendo Switch as that version has released today.

Northgard is a RTS set in the time of Vikings. It plays out similar to the aforementioned Age of Empires and has also been compared to the Settlers games – both being classics of the genre in their own right. As expected, then, Northgard will see you build a base, explore the map, expand your land and do battle with foes across the game’s campaign mode.

The console edition of Northgard is pretty much in line with the original PC release, albeit with tweaked controls and a revamped user interface. Shiro Games states that the brand new control system will be ergonomic and instinctive with its Dynamic Control Wheel.

You’ll get the entire story mode to play though, online co-op and competitive modes to keep you going for longer, as well as the Ragnarok and Relics updates which are full of extra gameplay content.

For those who just can’t wait, the game is available now on Nintendo Switch via digital and physical release. For PS4 and Xbox One players, October 3rd is when you’ll be able to take your Viking army to war.

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