Nosebleed Interactive Announces Twin Stick Shooter Vostok Inc.

Everyone knows that we would love to play as a corrupt, narcissistic CEO who’s only goal is to make as much money as possible. Well Vostok Inc will allow you to experience that greed in a twin stick shooter form with no conscience. You’ll explore (and exploit) more than forty planets in six solar systems to mine that cash flow. For starters you can start colonization on a planet, build factories, upgrade ship weapons/augmentations, and increase your profits even further by hiring managers, consultants, and executives. But the old-fashioned way of obtaining resources is blasting enemies with your ship to “liquidate” assets. Developers Nosebleed Interactive also provided 13 retro-inspired mini games so you can take a break from being a Scrooge.

Vostok Inc. started life as a game jam, but given how addicted the team all got to the prototype, we knew it was something we needed to turn into a full-blown game,” says Andreas Firnigl, managing director and designer at Nosebleed Interactive. “I often find myself torn between wanting to play stuff while watching TV and having a proper sit down session with a game. Vostok Inc.’s blend of idle clicker metagame and twin-stick arcade action means I can play how I want and enjoy it as much in short bursts, like during a commercial break, as I can in long gaming sessions.”

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Vostok Inc. will launch in 2017 on the PlayStation 4 and the exact date and pricing will be confirmed at a later date. There will also be a physical release but that, too, will have its date revealed sometime in the future. You can check out the game’s tongue-in-cheek trailer above and let us know what you think about a twin stick shooter taking on such a greedy adventure.

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