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Nosulus Rift – Actually Smell the Farts in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Virtual reality would be nothing without the ability to use your nose in the games you play. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the minds behind the hit TV series South Park and the equally as popular South Park: The Stick of Truth, understand this. After all your farts were that of legend in the first game they created. Now with South Park: The Fractured But Whole you’ll be able to do more with your farts and smell them too. All thanks to the Nosulus Rift and the genius technicians over at Ubisoft. This 100% real accessory is strapped around your nose so your special power isn’t only seen and heard but inhaled as well.

Cliche, stereotype guy can be quoted as saying, “It was exactly as if someone had farted right in my face. I’d just started playing the game when it came to my nose. I’d never felt anything so strong before. The fart stinks so real.”

The developer diary also included how they went about making this not absurd, completely needed and wanted peripheral. But it was so complex and thought provoking that I could not adequately describe it in detail here like the butts in the video can. This magnificent feat in engineering will be available at this year’s Gamescom and although there has been no price set yet, we here at Pure PlayStation estimate that the Nosulus Rift will cost approximately $5,931/€5,310.

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