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Not to Be Confused with the Necronomicon; The Metronomicon Coming to PS4

We can’t really think of many musical games with role playing mechanics. Patapon and Brutal Legend come to mind, but that only proves the selection is scarce. Enter Akupara Games and Puuba’s Steam rhythm RPG, The Metronomicon. This…err…unique game is all about dancing to a ferocious beat in thumping musical showdowns. Real time and turn-based combat never seemed so hard to explain and it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime this year.

The story goes that dance parties are crashing down in the world of Koras. These failures end up summoning dangerous party monsters and a group of heroes, versed in the art of rhythmic combat, must bring them down. Also at their disposal is the titular tome of great musical power. They’ll bring this item and these abilities to rock-star haunted castles and medieval party yachts to name a few in their quest. Outside of the story, gamers can look forward to freeplay mode, arena challenges, sidequests, and daily missions.

As an RPG with a laugh-out-loud story, strategic combat system, rhythm game control scheme and a rocking soundtrack, The Metronomicon is a game like none other,” said Akupara Games Co-Founder David Logan. “We can’t wait to share this epic adventure with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One community.”

In addition to the console announcement trailer above, The Metronomicon will come with a brand new character and content. PC users will receive a free update with the new content so they won’t be left out. The title is developed by Puuba and was originally released on Steam last September to universal praise.

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Akupara Press Release

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