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Null Drifter Brings 1-Bit Bullet Hell to PS4, Xbox One and Switch This Week

If you’re looking for a new bullet-hell shooter to pass the time, there’s a new one coming this week to PS4, Xbox One and Switch, and it’s called Null Drifter.

Unlike most games, Null Drifter shuns fancy graphics in favour of hard-core gameplay. You play as the ultimate space-fighter pilot in this minimalistic twin-stick shooter. You’ll blast away enemies, collect coins, upgrade your ship, and put your high scores on the worldwide leaderboards. What’s more, Null Drifter is a very budget-friendly release, coming in at just $4.99/€4.99/regional equivalent.

Null Drifter will release on April 7th on PS4 in North America, April 8th on PS4 and Xbox One worldwide, and April 9th for Nintendo Switch, also worldwide. There’s a trailer up above, so give that a watch and see if the old-school aesthetic strikes a chord with you.

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