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Nurture Your World as a Benevolent Deity in Birthdays the Beginning

The new trailer for Birthdays the Beginning from Harvest Moon creator, Yasuhiro Wada, focuses on the concept of nurture. Your creatures need to have a good environment and temperature to grow and evolve over time, but sometimes they need a little help. Using different items, you can cause an animal to evolve or even rapidly mutate. The video shows a tree of evolution, so maybe we will see a sneak peek at our own evolutionary end, splitting into Morlocks and Eloi.

Birthdays the Beginning allows you to create your own world and allows you to manage the cartoony creatures within it. This appeals to our egos, and, if we were gods, some things would change around here, mister. Fortunately for you, we write about games on the internet, so we will just have to play games that let us be gods and bring our fire and brimstone down on digital people.

The game reminds us a little of Spore, and we see game variations on the creation and evolution of life every few years. Obviously, we like to be in control.

Birthdays the Beginning will hit American store shelves on May 9th, but Europe will have to wait until May 12th to play god.

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NIS America's Press Release

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