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Nyko’s SpeakerCom Out Now & Looking to Make Things Easier for Long Gaming Sessions

Headphones can be great for online gaming, especially surround sound ones. However, wearing a headset for really long extended periods of time can get a little uncomfortable. Nyko Technologies is hoping to help gamers in this regard. They released their speaker and microphone controller attachment today called the SpeakerCom. The unit hooks on to the underside of a PS4 controller without getting in the way of your hands and allows easy access with push-to-talk buttons. This way you can chat when you choose but still hear what you’re friends or teammates are saying from the palm of your hand. The SpeakerCom also comes with a built-in battery so it doesn’t draw power from the controller and charges with the provided micro-USB cable.

The handy-dandy speaker/microphone combo only costs $24.99 and can be ordered from Amazon by clicking here. You can also checkout the pack shot of the device below. Definitely let us know what you think about this different way of communication. Let’s just hope that your friends aren’t too vulgar when company is around!



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