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Observer: System Redux Next-Gen Graphics Comparison is Incredible

For a game that was released almost exactly two years ago, the visual leap between the version appearing on the PS4 and Observer: System Redux on the PS5 is huge. A new trailer from the developer walks players through the graphical upgrades, and it’s a true transformation. One of the biggest changes across the game is the new lighting. Utilizing a slide transition between the old and new, the neon lighting is more present while also being more natural. It’s an addition that will give the player more sources but also be used to direct the player in the game.

New models are probably the most striking impact from the trailer. All of the game’s character models have been remade from scratch for this release, and the detail difference from old to new is something you’ll have to see to appreciate. It looks like a completely different game.

Those fancy new looks are part of a total upgrade. Textures receive a huge boost, and the game will be 4K. The PS5’s extra horsepower will also ensure a buttery 60 FPS and new effects including more fog. If you can see it on screen, it’s probably been changed, and they are adding more characters and story on top of that.

We don’t yet have a release date for Observer: System Redux. Like a lot of games, we only know that it’s coming this holiday season. It might help if Sony would announce a release date for the PS5, but that’s a different story.

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