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Observer: System Redux Uses The DualSense In Some Interesting Ways

Observer: System Redux is quite the makeover, but a post on the PlayStation Blog today confirms it’s not just a pretty face. That’s not to say the graphical improvements like HDR and going to 4K aren’t impressive, but it’s about giving the player more. That starts with the three new missions over the original game to go along with everything else the PS5 offers with the new hardware.

Despite those massive visual upgrades and new missions, one of the more impressive changes is how the DualSense is used to immerse the player in the world. The haptic feedback is used to give realism to the items in the game. They mention it initially as the resistance you feel from a locked door or moving a heavy bookshelf. It extends to hacking, unraveling cables, and even the feel of your feet hitting the ground as you run. Jump scares will also get a boost as the controller will give you a jolt at the right moments.

It’s nice to see developers implementing the DualSense features at the beginning of the generation, and it can help others realize more of the possibilities in the future. If you’re looking for a cyberpunk horror game that’s taking advantage of some of the PS5’s fancy new tech, Observer: System Redux deserves a look.

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