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October 2019 PS Plus Games Available Today

October 2019’s PlayStation Plus freebies are ready to be downloaded or just simply added to your library. In case you missed the surprise announcement during Sony’s last State of Play, this month’s free PS4 games are The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19. A bumper month for some, a disappointment for others. Just like every month, then.

Most PS4 owners who have had an interest in The Last of Us Remastered will have surely played the game by now – I know I’ve still got it sat on my console’s hard drive – so while it’s a top game, it’s coming a touch late in the day. Still, it’s a good lead into The Last of Us 2 which releases in February of next year.

I suspect that on my side of the pond, MLB The Show 19 won’t be downloaded that much. It’s an American sport that is seldom played in Europe. Hey, maybe if we kick up enough of a fuss, we can get it swapped out for something else, like what happened when PES 2019 was announced as a PS Plus freebie…

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