Octopath Traveler Could Be Getting a PlayStation Release After its Xbox Port

octopath traveler

Octopath Traveler is a game very well suited to the Nintendo Switch. However, with its foray on to PC and now the Google Stadia and Xbox One, could Square Enix be getting ready to announce a PlayStation version, too? The evidence seems to suggest that, even if the company itself is keeping tight lipped on the whole subject. It’s all very strange indeed…

The launch of Octopath Traveler was a throwback to the good old days. It was a hearty RPG, styled in lovely 16 bit assets, and without the bells and whistles that so commonly bloat games today. However, what was a assumed Nintendo Switch exclusive is already available on PC. And now there’s even an Xbox One port in production – plus one for the Google Stadia. So, you’d think a PlayStation release would be the next obvious step. But you’d better think again.

That’s because Square Enix is refusing to entertain any question looking for an answer to such a matter. In fact, it is literally coming back to journalists with it’s “unable to provide comment”. Inevitably, this has caused more of a stir than a simple answer would have. And we’re still none the wiser as to what’s going on.

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It would have probably been easier just to say yay or nay. Instead, we’re all jumping on the speculation train.

But a straight answer is something that’s often missing in this world. And the gaming industry is no exception. So, even when Gematsu started to make its enquiries, the reply was nothing more than “we have no updates at this time for Octopath Traveler aside from what was already announced.” Hence, we are still second guessing the whole darn thing.

What is for certain is that Octopath Traveler isn’t a Switch exclusive. Neither would it make financial sense to port the game over to all major choices of hardware bar the PlayStation. So, on that basis, I think it’s quite fair to say we should be seeing a version of the game pretty soon on Sony’s finest consoles – possibly when Xbox has exhausted its contractual holds on limited time exclusivity or something along those lines.

Source: Gematsu

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