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Of Course There’s a Really Expensive Collector’s Edition of Spider-Man for PS4

Remember the good old days when you would walk into a store, have a nosey through the games, pay your money and be on your way? We do, and we miss them incredibly. Back in those olden days, games were cheap and cheerful, and if you were lucky you’d get a sticker pack or something if you picked your game up on day one. What do we have these days? Collector’s Editions that cost $149.99, that’s what.

With the release date for Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man for PS4 being revealed today, it was fitting for Sony to announce the various editions of the game. There’s the bog-standard edition which comes with the game and not much else, but if you really want to spend some cash, go for the Collector’s Edition which will cost you $149.99 – other currencies are not yet known.

What you’ll get for your money is everything shown in the image down below:

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