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Offer Yourself to The Great C in an Upcoming PSVR Game

Philip K. Dick’s The Great C is going to be used as the foundation for a PSVR game coming later this year. Promising the types of things that PSVR afficionados love to hear, the game will have an outstanding narrative in a rich world with an excellent soundtrack. That’s the stuff that electric dreams are made of.

The Great C sounds familiar and different at the same time. There is a post-apocalyptic world. No surprise. Whether from zombies, nukes, or AI, we seem destined to end ourselves according to the oracles of AAA gaming. In this case, there is a super computer named the Great C that rules our broken world.

It’s probably an efficient overlord, but it’s certainly not a merciful one. The local population has to send a human to the Great C every year, and it’s always a one-way trip. No one knows what exactly happens to the unfortunate soul, but surprisingly good outcomes are not very common in a post-apocalyptic world.

The main character, Claire, discovers that her fiancé is the pick for this year’s least lucky person in the village. Claire will decide whether to accept the decision or to rage against the machine.

It’s an interesting premise from an author who seems to keep resurfacing in popular media. Dick’s works have been the inspiration for Total Recall (only watch the Schwarzenegger one), Blade Runner, Minority Report, and countless other movies and television shows. With ideas and philosophical questions that keep resonating with readers as well as audiences, I look forward to seeing more.

If you happen to be at the Venice Film Festival, you can check it out yourself. There will be a Venice Virtual Reality section where the game will debut.

If not, check out these screenshots to see more of The Great C, scheduled to release in the fourth quarter of this year.


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