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Official Monster Hunter: World Guidebook Could Double Up as a Weapon

The Monster Hunter franchise has always been one of substance. And the latest, Monster Hunter: World, is no different. In fact, the interweb is crammed full of content guides documenting all of its ins and outs. But now Capcom has decided to jump on the bandwagon by publishing an official guidebook. And, good grief, it’s a monster.

The A5 publication will boast over 1,000 pages of wisdom and would thus make a good weapon for self-defence should all else fail. As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword. 

However, as of yet the book appears to be a region exclusive; it has only been put up for pre-order on Japan’s Amazon site and there is no suggestion that it will be migrating west, ever.

In case you do not possess the superpower of reading Japanese, Siliconera has kindly translated the Amazon ad bullet points for the Monster Hunter: World guidebook so we’re all in the loop over what it will cover. It reads:

  • Understanding the Hunter Life: Basic game flow, information on Astera facilities.
  • Understanding Hunter Techniques: Basic Hunter action, details and recommended combos for all 14 weapons.
  • Understanding how to Hunt Monsters: Detailed information on all monsters, including their attack characteristics, weaknesses, and more.
  • Understanding Quest Info to the End: A complete set of info on all quests, including rewards for monsters that appear in Free Quests, and more.
  • Understanding Weapon Sharpness and Weapon Tree: A giant collection of weapon data with over 1,000 weapons. In addition to showing all its upgrades in the weapon trees, it shows the attack power, sharpness, and more including Bowgun shots.
  • Understanding Armor Graphics and Performance: Data for all-things armor, including a look at different armor series, skills, and more.
  • Understanding Your Friendly Felynes: Everything about Felynes, including their armor effects, as well as data on weapon & armor.
  • Understanding Field Characteristics: Complete data and details for the fields you explore while on a hunt.
  • Understanding Where to Get Materials: Data on the over-690 different items including where to find or what monsters to get them from.

That’s seems to cover…. everything. We wonder what would take longer – reading the book or finishing the game?

Would an official Monster Hunter: World guidebook interest you if it ever made it out of Japan? Or do you prefer to ask your good friend Google? 

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