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Official Rocket League Soundtrack Vol. 2 Available Starting Today & More

A whole year has passed since Rocket League first released. In that time there’s been many updates and DLC that has made the game even better. With those additions comes new music alongside tunes that came with the base game. The latter were released with the first soundtrack shortly after July 7th of last year. This volume will have tracks from the Wasteland map all the way to the Neo Tokyo update. The tracks consist of:

  1. Firework by Hollywood Principle
  2. Breathing Underwater (Ether Remix) by Hollywood Principle & Ether
  3. Looking to the Future by Mike Ault
  4. Escape from L.A. (Instrumental) by Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival
  5. Seeing What’s Next (Kev Frey Remix) by Hollywood Principle & Kev Frey
  6. When the Lights Come On (Instrumental) by Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival
  7. Hard Buzz by Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival
  8. Game Time (featuring Dr. Awkward) by Mike Ault
  9. Scorched Earth by Kevin Reipl
  10. RLCS Theme by Mike Ault
  11. Rocket League Throwback Anthem by Adam B. Metal

You’ll be able to purchase all of them digitally on Amazin, iTunes, Spotify and the Google Play Music Store from $5.99 (about 4.50 euros) to $9.99 (about 9.00 euros.) Some platforms will charge more than others and some will even allow you to buy songs individually.

Psyonix also released a bit of trivia regarding the tracks. The Hoops game mode song, “Game Time” was created in less than a day. The Ether remix, included with Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC, was created by a 17 year-old musical prodigy. Gears of War composer, Kevin Riepl, actually wrote the theme for Chaos Run DLC. Lastly, the “Seeing What’s Next” remix was the Indaba Music contest winner.

What’s more is Psyonix opening up a line for would be musicians. Contact if you’re a previously-unknown artist and serious about your craft. You’re songs may be used in trailers, future soundtracks, and even within the game itself.

Be sure to pick up the Collector’s Edition of Rocket League here.

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