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Official Watch Dogs 2 Twitter Says DedSec is Responsible For the Internet Troubles Today

Today has been a virtual mess in the online world. Popular social media sites and websites in general being taken down by DDOS attacks and we believe the word hackers has been thrown around a bit too. Heck, even the PSN has had troubles all across the world. That’s why we’re pleased to tell you the culprits have been found. DedSec, the hacktivist group that populates the world of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, is the entity responsible for all these outages. Proof? They even admitted it themselves.

The we’re not saying but we’re actually saying ploy is easily an admission of guilt. We no longer need to track down those responsible and, in actuality, let’s hope that Ubisoft didn’t cause all this mayhem just to promote Watch Dogs 2. Which by the way comes out November 15th.

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