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Old School Platformer Shu (Not Releated to Shuhei Yoshida) Finally Gets Release Date

Shu is a 2.5D platformer with 2D, hand-drawn characters and 3D environments. It was originally suppose to come out in 2015 but developer Coatsink Software revised their game to make it better. Shu now has a concrete release date of October 4th for the PlayStation 4. Some of the revisions include main antagonist, the storm’s, appearance and behavior, level design, certain powers, and the addition of time trials and leaderboards. However, the developers kept the inspiration of Rayman, Klonoa, and Sonic intact.

The story is all about you as the main character saving villagers from a storm that wants to engulf the world. Shu will also come to the PS Vita with exclusive content later this year, Cross Buy will be enabled, and a platinum trophy will be achievable. It will cost $11.99. Definitely check out the trailer below but be warned the storm has a “feed me Seymour” thing going on.

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